Visitor Medical Insurance. Visitors Insurance for USA visitors. Visitor Health Insurance for relatives visiting USA

International Students (F1/F2)

International student insurance that meets the requirements of many US universities. Waiver form completion help available.

Visitor Medical Insurance. Visitors Insurance for USA visitors. Visitor Health Insurance for relatives visiting USA

Exchange Visitors (J1/J2)

J visa insurance fully meets U.S. Department of State requirements including medical evacuation and repatriation.

COVID-19 Travel Medical Insurance

Get quotes for trips to the USA or outside the USA when you or your family member need travel medical insurance that covers new coronavirus infections.

Visitors Insurance

Purchase visitors medical insurance for relatives visiting the USA and protect them from unexpected high costs.

Travel Outside USA

Your domestic health insurance may not cover you overseas. Purchase affordable travel medical insurance. Get an instant visa letter for Schengen visa.

Immigrants to USA

Whether you are a new permanent resident, have a green card and are simply visiting the USA, have moved to USA on a Fiancé visa, or are a temporary worker such as H or L visa, we have medical insurance for you.

Fiance Visa

As individuals entering the US on Fiancé visa may not qualify for major medical insurance through their spouse until getting married, they can purchase temporary medical insurance.


If you are studying outside the US or are on OPT in the US while on an F1 visa, you can purchase medical insurance. Alternatively, standalone evacuation and repatriation plan can help those that already have medical insurance.

Study Abroad

If you are studying abroad for any duration, study abroad insurance can help cover unexpected medical emergencies.


Once you have graduated from a US school and are on OPT, you can purchase specific medical insurance plan to cover you.

Evacuation / Repatriation

If you already have medical insurance through your school, purchase standalone medical evacuation and repatriation insurance to meet insurance requirements.


Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, various types of travel insurance plans can protect you.

Multi Trip

For those traveling frequently throughout the year, annual multi-trip insurance plans are most suitable.

Group Travel

If you are a group of five or more travelers, purchasing group travel insurance would cost less, while providing the same benefits as individual travel insurance.

Missionary Travel

Missionary travel insurance protects missionaries traveling overseas for a short duration and provides medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage, among other plan benefits.

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